Meet our Audi Edmonton North Audi Sport Brand Ambassadors

Naheed Shariff and Dr. Farha Shariff. Proud members and leaders in the Edmonton community, 

read how Naheed and Dr. Farha are true Audi Brand Enthusiasts.

Naheed Shariff 

Partner to Farha, Kenyan Born, Girl-Dad, Feminist, Industrialist

CEO Browns Socialhouse/Crafthouse YEG group, CEO California Pizza Kitchen Alberta.

Instagram: @nns0075

Dr. Farha Shariff

Partner to Naheed, Daughter of Immigrants, Mom of 3, Intersectional Feminist, Unapologetic Critical Social Justice, Anti-Racist, Consultant, Assistant Lecturer at the University of Alberta.

Instagram: @drfarha077


What Audi models have you owned and what do you currently drive?


Previously Owned: 2009 Audi R8, 2009 Audi Q7, 2012 Audi Q7, 2013 Audi S8, 2015 Audi Q7, 2015 Audi R8, 2017 Audi A7, 2019 Audi Q8

Currently Driving: 2019 Audi Q8 and 2020 Audi S5

Next Audi: Arriving Jan 2021 - Stay Tuned!



What is it about Audi that made you an enthusiast?

I remember going to see the Iron Man movie with my little brother in 2008. When Tony stark pulled up in a silver R8, the sound of the engine, the look of the car, the confidence that he exuded exiting the car, that was it. I wanted one, no, I needed one. I worked hard to make sure that I had an R8 sitting on my driveway by 2010.

The minute I sat in that car, it was like time stopped; the alcantara seats, headliner and door panels swallowed me up. The B&O sound system sounded like I was at a concert. The growl of the engine when I turned the key made me feel like I could do anything. I felt like a race-car driver.  It became the place I went to think; I would take drives to tune out the things that weighed me down.

I even ended up racing the car on local tracks enjoying how this vehicle could quickly change from an everyday driver to a sports car that holds onto the road when taking a corner at 160 km/h.

I was drawn to the way Audi could perform and the aesthetics of its performance. My next purchase was an S8: a brute at heart, with speed and beauty. A stealth fighter. The royalty of the car and it's accompanying status with diamond stitched, massage seats. The loud roar of the engine was intoxicating. I still turn to stare when I see one drive by.

When we decided to grow our family, we made the conscious effort to find a vehicle that performed well, looked stunning, rugged and was safe for our girls.  Being a young couple, we really wanted to continue to enjoy an active and stylish lifestyle and the Q7 was a great fit.

Our biggest concern at the time with having three young girls all in car seats was to fit all three car seats in one row.

The 2009 Q7 was the only SUV wide enough to fit all three seats in the same row, not to mention the third row and huge trunk space for a stroller. Our girls loved our big white beast and named her Hugo (yes, her).

So Hugo became the tour car for all our family trips. Hugo served us well for a good number of years. When our oldest was out of her car seat and ready for a booster, she was happy to get a break from her sisters and opted for the entire third row (which could fit 2 full size adults!).

Unfortunately, a few years later, Hugo's safety was put to the test in December 2011, when Farha was involved in a major collision that ended us having to say goodbye to our beloved gentle giant, Hugo.  Her entire front end was totaled as she sustained an almost head on collision where all the airbags went off. Hugo saved Farha's life. She was towed to our local dealership when many of the techs were shocked at how the car had performed. One of the technicians who knew Hugo well and was friends with my brother called to see how Farha was doing and was shocked to hear there were no serious injuries. I did not research crash test ratings on the Q7, I merely trusted Audi to have a safe car and it didn't let us down.

It was at that moment that we decided that we would only drive Audi models: the start of our exclusive relationship with the brand begun.

Q. Describe your experience with Audi Edmonton North.

I was looking at the new e-tron Sportback and in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the car, living in Southwest Edmonton, I called another local Audi dealership to see if they had one, they didn't and didn't expect one until 2021. 

I decided to Call Audi Edmonton North and was greeted on the phone by a polite gentleman named Abdo. He asked for my details and explained that he would find out if one was coming in and when it was coming. Within 1 hour I was called back by Abdo to which he stated "we have one coming in tonight, I would be more than happy to send you a couple of pictures via text and if you would like to see it tomorrow, I'm off but another associate would gladly help you." In my mind, I was like "WOW," this guy, not worrying about the sale was more concerned about working with my timing and in an effort to save more time (and excite me) was willing to send pictures of the car! I said sure send me pics and when are you working next.

I came in that Friday. Abdo took his time to walk me through the car, explain all the features and discuss my needs and my wants for a new vehicle and particularity one that is an e-tron. Amazing. Abdo was knowledgeable and well spoken. I was debating. 

That evening Service Manager Sandra Ware called me. Sandra and I have known each other for a number of years but hadn't caught up in quite some time. She welcomed me back to take a tour and get to know some of the team at the dealership. WOW!

I took the tour the following week, Sandra showed me the service department, customer lounge, introducing me to the staff and management - what a beautiful dealership. I was particularity amazed with the pictures on the walls in the service bay of the "heartbeat" of Audi - racing pictures that spoke what the brand symbolized. The other thing I noticed was how clean and organized things were in the service bays, from the floors, to the well kept garbage cans, to the cabinets that hold all the tools lining the walls. 

Sandra then took me to meet General Manager Mike Beck. Mike is an industry legend, when we spoke he remembered that my parents and brother had purchased vehicles from him in his previous life with other dealerships. My brother passed away 2 years ago, and in this moment of chatting, Mike recalled many memories of his time with my brother, it was very heartwarming to hear this. 

Within 48 hours, we were in checking out a 2020 S5 in Turbo Blue that was sitting in the showroom (it had spoke to me from the moment I walked in the first time meeting Abdo). I had the opportunity to meet Sales Managers Jason and Jonathan. Jason provided me with his cell number and email should I have any questions. Johnathan walked us through the S5 and let us take it for a test drive. The color, the sound, the feel of the sport seats and that B&O system…my wife was in heaven and so we pulled the trigger on that car. After that drive - we decided - it was time to trade in my wife's Q8.

On pick up day, Abdo helped us set up the MMI system, walked us through the car again, explained (in great detail) everything about the car and even provided his cell number for any questions once we got home. 

Financial Services Manager Stacy walked us through all the details of lease, pausing and ensuring that any questions we had would be answered it was effortless, she was professional, considerate and charismatic. 

Sandra came out and introduced my wife to a couple of service advisors that would be helping her, it was so professional and felt like we were joining a family more than a dealership. Mike provided us with some goodies, a beautiful gym bag, nice water bottles and of course his personal cell phone number should we need anything further. 

I am more than impressed with this dealership, its team, its culture and its attention to detail (I love the fact that everyone shared their cell phone numbers!). I look forward to doing business with the dealership for many, many years.