The Aggressive RS7 Sportback is equipped with a 4.0 twin turbocharged V8 that accelerates up to 100 KM in under 4 seconds.

It carries 591 horsepower to deliver unexpected levels of power and performance.

While the exterior is sporty and aggressive, the interior peerlessly combines design, technology and luxury. 

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Advanced Technology Includes:


• The system is integrated with Radar Technology, ensuring complete protection for your Audi 


• Includes an Advanced Sound System that will provide you with the perfect sound experience

• With Audi Connect, you can take advantage of fully integrated and seamless assistance tools, including intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder and roadside assistance

 The Virtual 360-degree cameras provide an overhead view of the Audi RS7 Sportback and the ability to zoom in on specific areas, helping to alert you of potential obstacles 

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